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The Cooking Station is now offering an exclusive membership. By becoming a member of The Cooking Club you get full access to our entire library of virtual cooking classes, special VIP bonuses and discounts. We're so excited to share our recipes, tips and tricks with your family.

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The Cooking Club

Become a member to enjoy unlimited online courses and special VIP bonuses. There's something for everyone in our expanding course library!


Online Cooking Classes

Enjoy time with your family by taking an online cooking class. We have classes for all ages, skill levels and palates. Learning never tasted so good!


Meal Prep Services

Make your life easier, at least for dinner! We prep and deliver meals to your door. At this time delivery is local to Kansas City. 


The Cooking Club

Members of The Cooking Club enjoy unlimited access to our virtual library of cooking classes, special VIP bonuses and discounts. Join today for $29. The doors to enroll won't be open long, don't miss out!

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Online Cooking Classes

If you're ready to expand your cooking skills and your menu, this is the place for you! We have virtual classes for all ages and skill levels. Be sure to join our email list to stay updated on all the virtual class offerings.

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Meal Prep Service

Too busy to cook? We get it! Don't let your crazy schedule keep your family from enjoying delicious, healthy meals. Our meal prep service takes care of the hard part--the chopping, the prepping and the planning. We even deliver the meals to your door (currently only local to Kansas City). Let us make your life easier, at least for dinner!

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